Bull Shark Dive in Playa Del Carmen

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Playa Del Carmen Bull Shark Dive

If you are an experienced diver and want to live an unforgettable experience, come dive with the majestic bull sharks in our Playa del Carmen bull shark dive tour! Looking for a true adventure adrenaline pumping tour? If yes,this is for you!

The bull shark (Carcharhinus Leucas) is commonly found in warm, shallow waters along coasts and in rivers. They are an opportunistic species that can grow up to 4 meters in length and feed on many types of aquatic animals including: fish, turtles, marine mammals, and even other sharks. Every year from November to March female bull sharks return to their perfect breeding grounds in the shallow waters in front of the coast of Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

With this tour you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close with the bull sharks, a truly natural experience with these wild animals. Extreme adventure travelers from around the world are flocking here to have this once in a life time tour. . This is a static dive where you will have to stay in your assigned place and we will be diving with the bull sharks at 80 ft, Therefore, if you’re up for this high-octane adventure, check it out and join us on the Playa del Carmen Bull Shark Dive. Sign up now and make it one you can go home to talk about!

This tour is only available during the months of November to March approximately because of their breeding cycle which can vary from year to year.


– PADI Dive Certification is required. Advanced divers with more than 30 logged dives (if you don’t comply with this, you can do a check-out dive previous to the shark dive so one of our instructors can evaluate your diving skills).
– Good air consumption.
– Good equalization techniques.
– Proper wetsuit with not bright colours (available to hire if needeed).

Important Information

  • In the case we don´t see sharks a 50% refund will be granted
  • Tour is approximately 4 hours in duration
  • In water duration is approximately 25 minutes
  • Meet at dive shop provided with confirmation
  • Equipment rental is additional $20 (if needed)
  • You will receive your tour confirmation within 24 hours of purchase

Any questions you have, please send to and one of our team will be happy to assist!


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