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For those who want to see ancient Mexico up close and personal, this Coba adventure combo tour from Cancun is just perfect. As well as exploring the historic Mayan ruins of Coba, you’ll also have the chance to dive into a subterranean world of water, or take a zipline over the jungle. This is a day you’ll never forget!

The ancient Mayan ruins of Coba are steeped in history. Archaeologists believe that the city was a highly important place for the Mayan people, and at its peak it was home to an estimated 50,000 people. Little now remains of the once-sprawling city, but what’s left is truly breath taking- a series of sacbe, or “white roads”, which wind their way through multiple stepped pyramids which have been partly reclaimed by the jungle itself. Mixing nature and ancient architecture, the Coba ruins are a very special place indeed.

During your guided Coba ruins tour, you’ll get the chance to see for yourself a huge number of ancient carvings which document the history of the area, and give some insight into the Mayan religion. Your guide will point out plenty of interesting sights, as well as teaching you about what life was like for the people who lived here. You’ll learn about the Mayan’s religious rituals, and discover just why this place was so significant to them.
After your tour is over, you’ll then have an hour to spend exploring the site yourself. Coba is a little bit more secluded than other Mayan ruins in Mexico, but that comes with an advantage- taking a Coba tour from Cancun means you can actually climb the ruins themselves, and look out over the jungle landscape from a unique perspective. The tallest pyramid, Ixmoja, is some 42 meters high, and provides stunning views across the forest landscape. The climb can be a challenge, but it’s certainly worth it when you reach the top, and you can see for yourself why the Mayans felt closer to the gods when on the peak of these pyramids.

Once the Coba ruins tour is completed, you’ll then be taken to a secluded adventure property, which contains plenty of activities to enjoy. There are three different cenotes to explore, ranging from a simple sinkhole to a vast underwater cavern. You’ll be able to try out the exciting world of cavern diving for yourself, and enjoy an afternoon of aquatic adventure. If you’d prefer a different kind of thrill, then there are two aquatic ziplines which will take you down into the cenotes, and an exhilarating 100-meter jungle zipline which takes you over the jungle canopy at a thrilling pace.
So, if you want to feel like a real adventurer, and delve into the heart of the ancient Mayan civilization, then this Coba adventure combo tour from Cancun is the perfect choice. A day of swimming, diving, ziplining and exploring the Mayan jungle and cenotes makes this tour a unique, unforgettable experience- so book your place today!


  • Hotel pick up approximately 7:00 – 7:30 a.m., Tour returns between 7:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Tour Includes

  • Round trip Air Conditioned Transport
  • 1 hour certified guide at Coba Ruins
  • 1 hour free time at the Coba Ruins
  • Visit 3 different Cenotes
  • 2 aquatic zip lines
  • 1 large 100 mt jungle zip line
  • Simple packed lunch of sandwich, snack bars, and water
  • Children 3 and under are free for this tour but must be sat in an adults lap

Recommended Things to Bring:

Swimwear, Biodegradable Sunscreen, Hat, Money for tips, Comfortable Footwear, Camera, Water, Snacks, Towel.

Additional Info:

Water is not included throughout the day and is very expensive at the ruins sites. We strongly recommend bringing a good amount with you on the tour.

*You will receive your tour confirmation within 24 hours of purchase. Next day tours must be reserved by 7 pm, and confirmation will be expedited if available. For next day orders after 7 pm, or any other questions please email us at and one of our team will be happy to assist!


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