Isla Mujeres Boat Tour From Cancun


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Relax and enjoy a pleasant boat ride through Cancun´s clear waters to Isla Mujeres, where you will fall in love with its crystal clear bay and cool Caribbean atmosphere. Here, you will discover the beauty of Isla Mujeres town and why it´s known as the most picturesque island of Mexico. Completely surrounded by turquoise waters, Isla Mujeres offers a unique insight into Mexican island life. You can relax on the beach or explore the island on foot or with a rented golf cart (like a local!). Explore the local markets and take advantage of the discounted prices compared to Cancun. Afterwards, enjoy the fun of the return boat journey with games or relax with a cold drink below deck.

The Boat Isla Mujeres is 18 meters with two levels and is equipped with Yanmar 420 engines.

Important Information

  • Departures: Monday to Saturday
  • Capacity: 80 passengers
  • Tour Includes: Drinks on board and at the Beach club with Palapas, sun beds, lockers, volley ball marine and kayaks, Buffet lunch.
  • *Dock fee: is required $6 usd and National Park $28 pesos p/person. Fees subject to change.
08:30: Meeting point at dock.
09:00: Isla Mujeres ship departure: drinks on board are included (beer, soda and water)
09:35: Arrival at the beach club. It has Palapas, sun beds, Volley Ball court, kayaks.
10:30: Explore, relax, or optional activities
11:00: The restaurant is open for buffet lunch.
12:30: Explore, relax, or optional activities
14:30: Isla Mujeres ship departure to the center of the island: free time
16:00: Isla Mujeres ship departure to Cancun, with party on board
17:00: Arrival to dock.

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